Our History


The Inn was built in 1912 by Columbus D. Hussey, known as one of Franklin Grove’s “native sons.”

C.D. Hussey, a highly regarded businessman, co-founded a local lumber company in 1876 and became the sole owner of the C.D. Hussey Lumber & Coal Company in 1881. The Inn sits on the Hussey land that once comprised several hundred acres and was later divided into smaller farms.

The Lincoln Way is named after the Lincoln Highway, which was the first successful all-weather, coast-to-coast automobile highway.  It was named for President Abraham Lincoln, an Illinois native, in 1913 by the newly formed Lincoln Highway Association. The historic highway route is known as U.S. 30 through Illinois and Illinois Routes 31 and 38. Lincoln Way Inn is located on Illinois Route 38 in Franklin Grove.

As the fourth owners of the house, Lisa and John have had many neighbors stop by to share their own memories of the home, most commonly recounting their visits to the town doctor, Dr. Fleming, who housed his office and lived here for many years.

The house has evolved to a countryside destination, remaining a mainstay in the Franklin Grove community.

The White Lotus