Bed & Breakfast Myths Debunked – Part One

False beliefs about staying at a bed & breakfast can interfere with making just an OK vacation into a memorable and meaningful one. If you’ve been thinking about staying at a modern B&B, you may have a few questions. To help put travelers’ minds at ease, Lincoln Way Inn has debunked some of the common misconceptions we’ve heard. This blog is the first in a two-part series.

1) Shared Bathrooms: Many modern Bed & Breakfast establishments have bathrooms that are “en-suite” – private – so there is no standing in line or cleaning up after other guests. Some B&B’s even offer dreamy spa-like bathrooms that are gorgeous and provide the ultimate in relaxation. For example, we offer suites with towel warmers, inviting lighting, organic cotton towels and robes, and hand-tiled marble floors.  Two of our suites have walk-in rain shower with marble or a river rock floor and a separate soaking tub. With B&Bs becoming increasingly popular, you can now easily find one that provides private bathrooms.

2) City Locations are Best: Not always true! There are plenty of beautiful B&Bs located in major cities, but those found in rural areas provide the sights, sounds and tastes of the countryside, while also providing immersive luxury! It’s a wonderful way to relax and rejuvenate while enjoying the peace and comfort of nature. Many countryside B&Bs include spacious guest suites with modern amenities you would find in the city such as free Wi-Fi, smart, flat-screen TV’s, 100 percent organic linens and mattresses, Bluetooth alarm clock/radios, stocked beverage refrigerators, coffee and tea stations throughout and more. A B&B located outside of the city is an excellent way to experience hiking, canoeing, birding, bike riding, horseback riding, apple picking, snowshoeing, or fishing; or doing nothing except relaxing on the garden veranda! There’s genuinely something for everyone.

3) Can’t Accommodate Business Travelers: A B&B is a great alternative to the typical, brand-name hotel room with cookie-cutter rooms. Today’s modern B&B offers guests unique spaces to inspire out of the box creativity. Alone or with co-workers, you can gather on the patio, decks, library, living room or at the dining room harvest tables. Modern technology is at your fingertips with Blue-tooth enabled printers, desktop computers and other Internet-ready devices. The accommodating staff can cater to a business traveler by preparing an early or on the go breakfast, or even providing meeting space fully equipped with a presentation screen, projector, sound system and whiteboards. Room suites contain a desk for checking email and finishing up presentations. When the workday is done, unwind with a hike, bike or run. You can also distress in the sauna, enjoy a massage in the spa room or cozy up with a glass of wine next to the warm fire, inside or out, all year long.

4) Rules/Curfews: No, you won’t turn into a pumpkin if you return to your B&B after midnight. In fact, owners/innkeepers encourage you to come and go as you please. After all, their home is your home. You will have security code access doors for both exterior and your room to ensure privacy, security and safety. During late-night hours, we do ask guests to be mindful that others may be sleeping. It’s best to inquire when you make your reservation about property policies. Any rules are there for the safety and comfort of all.

Hopefully, we’ve put a few myths to rest and INNspired you to seek a stay, your way, at Lincoln Way! Have questions about B&Bs, comment below or email us at We’ll answer them in the second post in our series – B&B Myths Debunked.


Enjoy the countryside.