Bed & Breakfast Myths Debunked – Part Two

In our previous post, we looked at four common misconceptions about staying at a Bed and Breakfast. We’re thrilled to hear our readers are taking a fresh look at B&Bs.  Below we set the record straight on four new myths.

1) Only the Early Bird Catches the Bacon: The B&B staff is there to make your stay a memorable occasion. Many travelers believe B&Bs have strict breakfast times or think they must wake up early to get first dibs on food. Many of our guests are thrilled to discover that they can choose where they would like to eat; no, you don’t have to eat with the other guests! There are plenty of options for seating; dining room, dining porch, front porch, patio pergola and even breakfast in bed! Generally, you pick a breakfast time between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. If you would like breakfast earlier, you can request it from the innkeeper. At Lincoln Way Inn, we use seasonal, local, organic and high-quality ingredients, to create an artisanal breakfast experience. If you have specific dietary requests or restrictions, just let the owner/innkeeper know so they can accommodate your needs.

2) It’s Too Expensive: The cost of staying at a B&B is often less than traditional accommodations, and includes home cooked breakfast! Rates are influenced by the location, suite selection and amenities offered. The benefits of staying at a B&B include remarkable concierge service, architectural beauty, historic home details and a peaceful haven with modern amenities. You will enjoy the common areas where many times friendships are made. Best of all, everything is included in the price. There is no nickel and diming guests for extras. And like hotels, many B&B’s offer discounts to local restaurants and nearby local activities, tours and landmarks.

3) Antique, Foofy, flowery and outdated decor: Not all B&Bs have the old style that makes guests feel like they’re staying at their grandma’s stuffy house. While B&Bs may represent a home or person with historical significance, they do not lack modern features or amenities. B&Bs allow the history of the area or house to shine through in elegant, tasteful ways which honor its history. Many B&Bs are large and beautiful homes with restored architectural features and modern updates, creating the right blend of functionality and style for today’s savvy traveler. Lincoln Way Inn, for example, was named after the historic coast to coast rural Lincoln Highway. Each guest suite is named for landmarks or people of historical significance to the area and the prairie such as Nachusa Grasslands, Carl Sandburg, Lorado Taft, and Blackhawk.

4) Kid Zone: If you are looking for a kid-free staycation, business trip or leisure vacation a B&B may be an ideal choice. While many B&B’s allow children, some don’t host children under a certain age, and others don’t allow them at all. It’s important for guests to check the policies of the property to see if the home is suitable for children. A B&B that doesn’t allow children may offer a better experience for those looking for rest and relaxation or romance.

While we are noted for our beyond divine organic beds and bedding and our farm to table breakfast, think more along the lines of a small boutique hotel, rather than a traditional B&B when considering Lincoln Way Inn. Can we help answer any questions or like to learn more? If so, visit, TripAdvisor or Facebook at @lincolnwayinnbandb. Our passionate team is ready to host you and always available for anything you need. Your Summer or Fall Getaway at Lincoln Way awaits!


Local, organic and high-quality breakfast